Colorado Fall Roof Maintenance Tips

Roof maintenance is a crucial part of making sure your home is ready to withstand Colorado’s tempestuous climate, and that applies year-round. But at Elite Roofing, we see fall as an especially important time for roof maintenance. During fall months, milder weather makes for optimum conditions for working on roofing projects. Also, fall marks the last chance during the year to shore up your roof before brutal winter weather sets in – weather that can exacerbate moderate roof damage, creating much more challenging problems. So as the weather cools and Halloween approaches, here are a few important roof maintenance tips to keep in mind for this fall.

Clean your gutters

Autumn is a beautiful season, as trees put on a gorgeous and colorful show before finally dropping their leaves as the cold weather sets in. When you rake fallen leaves from your yard, though, don’t forget that they come to rest in more places than just your lawn. 

Yes, fall is gutter-cleaning season, as allowing shed leaves to remain in your gutters will prevent rainwater from draining off your roof properly. This buildup of water is irritating in the fall – but dangerous in the winter, as cluttered gutters can cause melting snow and ice to form ice dams. These dams can cause serious injuries when they ultimately plummet from your roof, so don’t overlook cleaning your gutters as a key fall roof maintenance tip.

Trim back your trees

Winter is also a season rife with fallen branches, as high winds and ice storms cause immense strain for the trees around your home. While many fallen branches will wind up in your yard, take some time in the fall to check for any branches hanging over your roof, your fence, and other things that could be seriously damaged if they were to fall. Take particular note of branches that are dead or otherwise weakened, as these are sure to come down sooner rather than later. Trimming high-risk branches during the fall will drastically reduce the risk of your roof being damaged by debris during winter storms.

Get a roof inspection

Another important roof maintenance tip for the fall is to thoroughly inspect your roof before winter arrives in full force. As mentioned above, fall is both the optimal time to schedule needed repairs and, in many cases, the last chance to complete repairs until spring arrives again. While you may not see any obvious damage from the ground, only a thorough inspection by a professional roofer can ensure that no problems have arisen during the summer.

Schedule necessary repairs

If your roof has sustained damage, now is the time to address it, even if the issues are relatively small. Winter is a time of year when minor damage is compounded, as the extreme weather batters your roof and the constant freezing and thawing of ice widens existing cracks and crevices. What’s more, fall is a great time for roof repairs, as the cooler weather makes for more optimal working conditions than the heat of summer. Many Colorado roofing companies fill up their calendars during the fall – so be sure to get your roof on their schedule while you still can. 

Elite Roofing: Fall Roof Maintenance

For the Elite Roofing family, fall roof maintenance is about more than a handful of tips – it’s about the peace of mind you can only get from knowing that your home is ready for winter, from top to bottom. That starts with keeping your roof and gutters clear of debris and checking regularly for damage, especially before winter arrives. To stay on top of things, request your free roof inspection today! Let us make sure your roof is ready to stand up to the looming Colorado winter.


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