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Elite Project Spotlight: Denver Historical Roof Replacement

We recently had the pleasure of completing a historical roof replacement in downtown Denver. The success of this unique project required the hard work and determination of a host of Elite Roofing team members. Which is precisely why we’re focusing today’s post on this recently completed roof replacement.

This stunning building was first constructed as a hospital and repurposed several times. It’s most recent renovation transformed the space into 14 condo units. The HOA was in need of an experienced contractor to help complete a historical roof replacement. This wasn’t just any Denver roof replacement. The aging roof has a 12/12 pitch with 2 turrets and space decking that had to be brought up to code. Our own Dave Estes stepped in as salesman and project manager to ensure the success of the project.

Replacing a Historical 12/12 Pitch Roof

The extreme pitch of the roof presented several challenges. The entire building had to be scaffolded to enable crews to access the roof and harnesses were used to access areas that scaffolding could not reach. When the aging shingles were removed, space decking was revealed, which had to be covered with plywood to comply with code. Finally, roofing on the building’s two beautiful turrets that also had to be replaced. The pitch of the roof and the downtown location meant trash chutes had to be used to remove debris and deliveries had to be arranged around one-way streets.

In addition to completing the work, we also helped the client interface with their insurance provider. In fact, our supplements specialist Kyle Larson played an integral role in helping the client avoid litigation.

To say that this project was difficult is an understatement. However, it’s projects like these that challenge us and make us better as an organization. The Elite Roofing family truly came together to ensure the success of this project. We would like to thank Dave, Kyle and the rest of the team for all of their work with this historic roof replacement.

Check out footage of the Elite team at work on this monumental project:

 Elite Roofing

At Elite Roofing, we pride ourselves on rising to the occasion when presented with challenges and this project is no exception. In roughly 24 days, we tackled it as a team, leaving the client extremely happy with the results and giving new life to one of Denver’s historical treasures. Are you interested in learning more about our roof replacement and repair services? We encourage you to contact us today. Allow us to help you explore your options and determine your most cost-effective course of action.

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