Meet Elite: Benjamin Waddell

We are very excited to put Benjamin Waddell in today’s Meet Elite spotlight! At Elite we are one of the fastest growing and highest-rated Denver roofing companies, team members like Benjamin are integral to our continued success. Benjamin’s hard work ethic and integrity make him a critical part of the day to day operations right here at Elite Roofing. Originally from Portland, Oregon, Benjamin and his family now live in Denver. Having worked in the roofing industry for seven years, Benjamin brings a wealth of knowledge to every project he oversees. Let’s get to know Benjamin a bit more…

Job Title: Project Manager

Hometown: Portland, OR

Current City: Denver, CO

Favorite thing about Colorado: Seasons and all the nature close by

Favorite thing about Roofing in Colorado: Diverse roofing systems, I don’t get bored with same old roof.

Why did you choose to work for Elite Roofing? The most honest, most integrity, and forward thinking of all the Denver roofing companies I researched when I decided to relocate to Colorado.

What type of roof best describes you? GAF Timberline Ultra. It might look like the rest but it’s longer lasting, durable, and the right price for the job.

Favorite Sport/Team: Oregon Ducks Football

What did you do before you entered the roofing industry? Realtor and house flipper, this was very similar to roofing and I still remodel houses in the winter months. It keeps me from going stir crazy; after working 12-15 hours daily during the summer season I like to keep busy in the winter.

How long have you been in the industry? 7 years

Eggs are best served how? Scrambled and at dawn

Favorite Family Activity: Every one of them, family is the most important aspect of life.

On the weekends you can find me: On the best view hike available

Thanks for letting us get to know you Benjamin and for working so hard to make each and every one of your projects a success!

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