Does the Homeowner Pay for the Roofing Permit?

Getting the proper permits in place before completing a home improvement project is extremely important. As you compare Denver roofing companies, permitting is definitely a topic to consider. If you’re not sure who will be responsible for handling your permit, we encourage you to take note of today’s post. Discover what to expect as you plan for your project.

Insurance Supplements

If you are filing an insurance claim for a roof replacement, the cost of your permit should be accounted for in the bid your Denver roofing contractor provides your insurance company. Because permitting is part of the expense associated with your roof replacement, your insurance supplement will cover it. As you compare bids from Denver insurance companies, complete your due diligence and make sure they account for the cost of your permit.

Cash Projects

If you are paying for your Denver roof replacement out of pocket, the cost of your permit should still be accounted for in your bid. Any reputable Denver insurance company will handle the application and payment for your permit on your behalf, a cost which they will recuperate upon the completion of your project.

Permit written in blueDenver Roofing Permits

Regardless of if you are filing an insurance claim or paying out of pocket for your roof replacement, it’s important to understand these key facts about Denver roofing permits:

  •       Denver property owners are required to have a permit before completing a roof replacement. However, requirements are set by the Building Department.
  •       The Building Department might have specific fire-resistant roofing material guidelines.
  •       Some HOA’s have strict guidelines about changing roofing materials or colors. Be sure to consult your HOA before making any changes as this could be a very costly mistake.
  •       If your roof slope is less than 4:12, contact the Building Department for specific guidelines.

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Elite Roofing: Your Trusted Denver Roofing Company

As you compare Denver roofing companies, we encourage you to ask questions about permitting. Be sure to choose a contractor who is familiar with our local Building Department guidelines and is prepared to handle your permit application on your behalf. At Elite Roofing, we have been proudly serving area property owners for more than a decade. Contact us today and discover why we are Denver’s leading roofing company!


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