Your Favorite Denver Roofers Giving Back

Your Favorite Denver Roofers Giving BackWe recently had the pleasure of helping to make a dream a reality for a church congregation in Pakistan. At Elite Roofing, we truly take our mantra “roofing done right” to heart. As a Christian based company, we jump at the opportunity to help those in our community, and beyond, whenever we can. Some time ago we learned of a small congregation working to build a church in Pakistan.

Lead by Pastor Yasmine Niamat, the congregation had plenty of obstacles to overcome. For one, establishing a Christian church in a country that is 99% Muslim presents a host of complications. “The struggles we are having is we cannot get a job here which can support our personal lives and ministry because it’s a Muslim country,” said Pastor Yasmine. However, she was determined to make her dream of building and maintain a Christian church a reality.

Together the small but determined church community pooled resources and worked as one to construct walls and lay a makeshift floor. At this point, their resources had been depleted. They decided to use a tarp as a makeshift roof and began their ministry.  A notoriously hot region of the world, Pakistan’s brutal temperatures took a toll on Pastor Yasmine and her church community.

Denver Roofers Help to Make a Dream Come True

Your Favorite Denver Roofers Giving BackAll of us at Elite Roofing were excited to have the opportunity to help Pastor Yasmine and her congregation succeed in their effort. Without hesitation, we wired funds to Pakistan to help cover the remaining construction costs this determined community needed to complete their project. Today we are proud to report that we were able to help fund the completion of the walls and the roof.

Your Favorite Denver Roofers Giving BackWe were recently elated to hear from Pastor Yasmine, “the support you gave us, it would have taken us years to get enough funds for the roof…but we are thankful for your support. We planted that church in a village where there is no other church, so we also started a Bible class to make new believers aware of their faith. Also, here people cannot afford to educate their children so we started a small school so we can educate these precious kids. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”

At Elite we believe, “you make a living by what you get, you make a life by what you give.” We could not be more pleased to learn that we were able help Pastor Yasmine make such a profound impact on the lives of the people in her village. We are thankful to her and her congregation for allowing us to play a role in their ministry!

Your Favorite Denver Roofers Giving Back

Elite Roofing

At Elite Roofing, we pride ourselves on being the Mile High City’s leading providers of Denver roofing services but more importantly we are honored to give back. Our Christian values play an integral role in our daily operations and we aim to continue to give back year after year. If you would like to learn more about Elite Roofing we encourage you to contact us today!

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