How Much Do Tile Roofs Cost?

While tile roofing has typically been reserved for those in other regions, Colorado homeowners have increasingly opted for tile due to its longevity and durability. The aesthetic benefit of tile is also undeniable: while asphalt roofs mainly vary in color, tile roofs come in a myriad shapes, sizes, colors, and more, enabling homeowners to transform their roof into a beautiful architectural focal point.

At Elite Roofing, we often have customers ask about tile roofing options, and the first question tends to be about cost. As all professional Denver roofing companies will tell you, though, this can be a complicated matter with tile, as a great number of variables determine the total cost of a tile roof. So, if you’re considering a new tile roof for your home, or if you’re looking to replace your existing roof, here’s a rundown of the different tile roof cost factors to consider.

Cost of materials

The biggest factor in determining the overall cost of a tile roof is the material from which the tiles are crafted.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles tend to be the cheapest overall, at anywhere from $4 to $9 per square foot, and concrete is generally lighter weight than other tile materials.

Clay Tiles

Clay tile ranges from $5 to $10 per square foot, and it’s a material that can be beautifully molded into many different tile shapes.

Terracotta Tiles

The most expensive tile material, terracotta ranges from $6 to $15 per square foot. This is also the most durable however, and unlike concrete and clay, terracotta tiles don’t change color over time.

As a rule of thumb, tweaking and customizing the shape of your roof tiles will increase the price further. Still, there are many pros and cons to each material beyond cost, so it’s important to discuss your project with a trusted Denver roofing company before making any decisions.

Photo of a tile roof installation in Denver Cost of tile roof installation

For a select few skilled homeowners, it may be possible to install your own tile roof. However, tile tends to be among the trickiest materials to work with, meaning it’s nearly always best to leave installation to one of the many professional roofing companies in Denver. As a baseline, expect to pay around $7 or $8 per square foot to have a tile roof installed. You may also see this price quoted in “squares,” a unit equal to 100 square feet that many roofers prefer to deal in for simplicity’s sake ($7 to $8 per square foot = $700 to $800 per square). The average roof tends to be about 22-26 squares in size.

Additional cost factors

From these baselines, many other factors play a role in the cost of installing a tile roof. Roofing companies in Denver may include some of these in the overall installation cost quoted to you, but it’s important to make sure of this before deciding which company to hire.

Removal of old roof – This is typically the first step in the installation process, and the cost can vary depending on how much material there is to remove. For instance, some roofs on older buildings may have been layered over an existing roof, making it more expensive to remove.

Underlayment – In addition to the tiles themselves, installing a tile roof also includes the material directly beneath the tiles that adds stability, called the underlayment. If you’re replacing an existing tile roof, the cost of installing the underlayment may be reduced.

Roof supports – Tile roofs are heavier than other roof types. While this makes them quite durable and weather-resistant, it can also necessitate adding more support to your roof to ensure the frame of your home can support this heavier material.

Delivery and travel – Since tile is a heavy material, the cost of transporting and delivering it to your home may be greatly increased if you live far from the supplier or roofing company.

Elite Roofing: Leading Denver Roofing Company

While the upfront cost of installing a tile roof can be steep, the unparalleled durability of this material means a tile roof easily pays for itself over the course of its long lifetime. The incredible customizability of tile can’t be beat, and our professional team at Elite Roofing has worked on a wide range of gorgeous tile roofs over the years. If you want to learn more about tile roofs or start planning your own tile roofing project, contact us today! We’re proud to be the roofing company that many Denver homeowners have trusted to turn their roofs into true works of art.

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